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To Be an Expert, Stop Being an Expert

To Be an Expert, Stop Being an Expert

To Be an Expert, Stop Being an Expert

I work with so many authors, doctors, coaches, etc. who all want to make their mark in the media. They want to be seen as the leading expert in their field, so they seek out interviews to be on like the Today Show to talk about the latest research and newest and trendiest celebrity fad or shocking current event, and so on.

And I tell them all the same thing.

To be an expert, stop being an expert.

What do I mean by this?

Show me your humanness. Show me that you have f*%ked up and made mistakes and that you have learned from them. Don’t be just another egotistical know-it-all. But Jani my clients tell me, “I’m scared that I will be judged and that they won’t take me seriously. Won’t they think I’m not an expert if I admit that I have messed up or that I don’t do it perfectly?”

Uh . . . no.

You will be more of expert!!! Why? Because it will tell me and the rest of the world that you have gone through the fires of hell and back in your related field to come out the other side more knowledgable, self-aware, wise, and let’s face it . . . heroic. You will have those golden nuggets of truth that I am desperate to know about and want to use in my own life.

And not to mention, I will feel more connected to you! I will think, “Wow, this guy and gal are just like me.” I will like and relate to you more. You will not be some ideal image that I can never reach, but you become a regular person that I feel like I can be just like.

So here’s how NOT to be an expert:

1. Believe that there is “Perfection in the Imperfection.” I can give you tips out the wazoo, but it won’t make a difference unless you truly believe that there is perfection in the imperfection, that beauty lives in our mistakes and our failures. Change your story. Give yourself permission NOT to be perfect.

2. Admit your past mistakes. Go into the pain. Share your embarrassment, shame, guilt, anger, and sadness. Be completely raw and honest. Then, tell me what you learned. How did you get out of the mess you were in? Give me a step-by-step process of what you did to overcome your obstacles.

3. Tell me about what you are still struggling with right now. A great expert, teacher, and human-being admits that he/she doesn’t have it figured out all the time. Tell me what you still struggle with right NOW. What is it that you are still trying to figure out, get better at, and overcome? If I know that you are still pushing yourself to learn and grow, then I know that you are doing the hard work that will eventually help me.

4. Share your creation story. You have a tragic story of struggle, rebirth, and transformation. We all do. It is all part of our human journey, and it has deeply affected and changed you for the better. Use it. Use this story to explain why you are inspired to do what you do and why you are a super-star at it. You are an expert because you survived and overcame life’s challenges and learned from them.

Stop being an expert. F#%k up. Tell me about it. Then you are the REAL deal. An EXPERT. :)

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