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Beyond Media Coaching Basics

Be a star in your life and in the media. Upgrade your personal and business brand. Learn how to connect to you, your message, and your audience.

Jani Moon goes beyond basic media coaching skills. You have a purpose, a message to share the world. She teaches you to be unabashedly REAL. To take risks. To know your message intimately, and to express it in a style that people will not only understand, but connect with and long for.

People want to connect. Individuals want to hear genuine, heartfelt, powerful expression. By working with Jani, you to communicate more authentically, make deeper connections, and to create a REAL presence in the media.

In today’s world of hyper-connectivity, everyone has mountaintop to shout their message from. With so many people speaking their mind, you must find a way for your voice to shine. Hollar! Whoot! Whoot!


Jani’s Unique Coaching Method

Authenticity takes guts. You are the only one with your voice, and accessing your voice gives you an edge. By giving yourself the permission to be your authentic star-self, people will see you, not a mask. Let go of the idea that you need to be something outside yourself. The unfiltered you is bold, sexy, compassionate, and genius. When this walks into the room, jaws drop because you command a presence.

Jani’s coaching will help you connect more deeply with a part of you that you have rarely accessed. That part will burn to connect more deeply with the rest of the world. By fostering this connection, you can inspire and call people to action. People will listen. You will be a STAR because there is simply no other by-product of your path.

Jani’s mission is to activate your inner star by clearing away the walls that prevent you from being your true brilliant, lovable self. You create deeper connections and possibilities through conscious and honest communication and through soulful expression.

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