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Jani is a Media Coach for 2marketmedia in New York, NY. She coaches clients to be their lovable, superstar selves on the radio and TV by deepening their abilities to connect and communicate with audiences. Jani works collaboratively with clients to create unique and transformational methodologies and seminars, identifies and develops personal branding for clients, and helps them deliver their message concisely and effectively.

Jani does consulting for various agencies, such as Forster Thomas, Inc. in New York, where she works as an Interview Skills Expert. Here, she prepares MBA, medical school, graduate, and undergraduate candidates for their college admission’s interview. Her goal is to remove communication barriers and fears and empowers candidates to fully express themselves and stand out by speaking with more honesty and emotion.

As an Education Consultant with the Peace Corp in Vanuatu, Jani coordinated and facilitated zone-wide workshops in the Shefa province with local teachers. She worked as the lead instructor for Peace Corps teacher trainers during their pre-service and in-service trainings. She also implemented teaching sessions on emotional well-being and communication. Her additional commitments included acting as liaison for volunteers out in the field. Jani developed country wide education policies, management plans, literacy curriculum and workshops.

With a colorful and diverse background, Jani has hidden gems to pull out of her pocket during sessions. During her time in Vanuatu, Jani was the Director & Drama Instructor for the Vanuatu Amateur Theater Port Vila. Here, she directed and produced plays with a focus on human connection and social consciousness. Jani educated students on the creative process of acting by teaching methodologies, theater history, scene and monologue studies, improv, and dramatic exercises. Her work here revitalized the theater program by setting higher professional standards and by creating new and innovative curriculum.

Most of Jani’s young adult life was spent in education. In over 10 years of teaching elementary and middle school language arts and drama, Jani focused on multi-intelligences and progressive literacy models. She created her own team-building curriculum to promote character education and team-building skills. Jani also initiated the creation of the school’s drama program and directed and produced school plays.

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Masters of Arts in Teaching, Curriculum & Development, University of Memphis.

Bachelor of Arts, English & Theater, University of TN.

Kinesiology Certification, School of Humanity & Awareness, Atlanta, GA

Reiki Certification levels 1 & 2, Atlanta Reiki Center, Atlanta, GA

Kriya Yoga Teacher Certification, Center for New Beginning, Cincinnati, OH

Non-violent Communication 60 Hour Intensive, Sacred Space, Atlanta, GA

Who Jani has Worked With

Jani has trained some of the top industry leaders in business, radio, and TV; she transforms up-and-coming media personalities into highly desirable star talent who can perform at the olympic level. During her one-on-one sessions, Jani masterfully crafts the delivery of each client’s unique message, and deepens their ability to connect personally and be expressive. Jani’s clients include radio heavyweights like Ilyce Glink and Harry Fisch. Jani has helped CNBC contributor Carol Roth, ABC contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Tru TV senior reporter Beth Karas, best selling author Harlan Cohen, business guru Evan Carmichael, and pain expert Jill Miller to name a few. Jani’s clients regularly contribute to shows like The View, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. She has worked with reality TV stars like Grant Cardone of Turn-Around King, Mel Robbins of Monster- in-Laws, and Siggy Flicker of Why are You Still Single. She also has worked with best criminal and business lawyers in the country like Mark O’Mara and Coco Soodek to help them connect and communicate more effectively.

Jani Moon is the Head Interview Skills Expert at Forster-Thomas Inc., one of the best educational consulting firms in the country. Jani gets candidates into the top MBA programs, medical school, undergraduate and graduate schools of their choice. She teaches them to stop giving robotic, status quo answers but instead, to take risks, be themselves, and to stand out.

Up Close and Personal

Great communication didn’t come naturally to me. I was raised amidst a family of withholders. Our dinners were a combination of comfortable and uncomfortable silences, fragmented by awkward verbal meanderings. We never shared our personal thoughts or feelings; I quickly learned to say very little to mom and dad, and too much to friends to try and get their attention and approval. I felt trapped in a box of isolation of own my creation. In college I got a theater degree because I was so desperate to open myself up, and experience the freedom of full expression. My first marriage ended because my ex-husband and I were not able to ask each other for what we needed, and we weren’t able to communicate in a way that either of us understood without taking every word spoken painfully personally. I desperately wanted to deeply connect and express myself, but as the words would make their way up, they were always stopped by the wall that lived in my throat. I would try to speak and . . . nothing. I was beyond frustrated. I was lonely and sad. I never truly felt close to anyone because I could never make that deep personal connection using my words and feelings.

Real change is always slow and steady in the beginning, and then all of a sudden it comes hurdling at you like a thunderbolt. I was slapped with the realization that I needed to change after a painful divorce, and losing my sister. These personal tragedies became my catalyst for change. Invigorated by the idea of personal revolution, I proceeded to spent the rest of my adult life learning, doing, and experiencing whatever I could to take down my inner walls so that I could connect and communicate more lovingly and powerfully. Don’t for a minute think this was easy, it wasn’t. It was deeply painful. I had to be really honest with myself about who I was, and take responsibility for the decisions I had made, and the life I had created. After and incredible amount of hard work, I’m proud to say that I now connect with people on a soul-level. I take down their walls, and inspire them to change. I only know how to create change for you because I’ve done it for myself. I did the hard work, and discovered how to make the walls of pain, insecurity, and self-loathing come tumbling town. Today I come to you as someone who has taken down their own walls, who has connected deeply with her pain, and who has climbed out of her own pit of despair, into a new more genuine and fulfilling life landscape.

In a new land, there will always be new and exciting opportunities, and there certainly were for me. I created and attracted new ways to be seen and contribute to the world because I had finally awoken to my gift. My gift is my profound ability to light your fire, so that it burns infinitely brighter. I can and will open you up to a more intimate, powerful way of communicating your message that will captivate any audience, and leave the world begging to hear you.

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My mission is to activate your inner STAR by clearing away the walls that prevent you from being your true, brilliant, and lovable self. You will create deeper connections and possibilities through conscious, honest communication, and soulful expression.

Our world is changing. It is evolving. Growing. With the rise of social media and the omnipresence of the Internet, every waking second we’re reminded that we live in a global community. Out hyper-connectivity continues to change the way we do business, and how we form relationships. You have to be able to connect with an endless amount of humans, on a multitude of platforms; with so many people expressing their messages, you have to find a way to stand out, and to really SHINE. The only way to do that is to be unabashedly REAL, to take risks, to know your message intimately, and to express it in a style that people will be receptive to, and long for. People want to connect with people they truly believe care. People want you when you give the sacred gift of sharing who you are. People want you when you give them specific tips on how to change their lives. You must learn how to communicate more authentically and create deeper connections to create a REAL presence in the media and in your life.

I will take you on the emotional journey of TRANSFORMATION, it’s what’s called, “the hero’s journey.” You will surrender to and experience a process that you will eventually use to teach to inspire others and create change in their lives. You will open up and access more feelings. You will become more vulnerable, and more powerful. You will have the courage to express yourself in ways you never imagined possible. You will connect more deeply with a part of you that you have rarely, if ever, accessed, and that part will burn to connect more deeply with the rest of the world. By fostering this connection, you can inspire and call people to action. People will listen. You will be a STAR because there is simply no other by-product of the path you will be on.
You will be a STAR in your life, and in the media because your blinding light will attract people, possibilities, and opportunities. By giving yourself the permission to be your

authentic STAR self, people will see YOU, not some fake mask. Let go of the idea that you need to be something outside yourself. Know that your STAR talent is right here. Do that and you have taken the first step in this process.


Heartbeat Pulse Method

My method uses the Universal Stamp of the heartbeat pulse (aka EKG graph) as the formula and foundation for becoming the STAR in your life and in the media. I use creative formulas, role-modeling, and extensive drama and improv exercises to evolve your connection and communication skills. You’ll learn to connect deeply with people’s pain and empathize with their struggles. You’ll become the powerful expert who guides them out of their misery, and elevates them to a whole new way of existence. As you lead others to new possibilities with your messaging and passion, you too, learn how to be the inspiring Star media voice in your own life. It’s not just a win for them or for you, it’s a win for all of us.

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