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Individual Coaching

Have an important event, speech or interview to prepare for? Need to make an epic impact? Want to take your brand to the next level ?Jani will get you feeling confident and prepared. You will powerfully communicate and inspire people to action. You will be the best version of yourself. Best of all, she can do your sessions face-to-face or anywhere in the world via Skype or google hangouts.


Seminars & workshops

Jani can tailor any workshop to fit the unique needs of your company or organization. Do you need to increase sales? Better connect and communicate with your team? Inspire and motivate? Jani delivers. You can experience Jani in the comforts of your own conference room, office, or home with live video workshops, or if you prefer an in-person experience, Jani will travel to you.


Guest Speaker for Events

No matter what topic, type of event, or time frame, Jani will inspire and transform your audience. She will take audiences on an emotional ride that will open their eyes to a new way of being in the workplace and in their personal lives. She combines heart-felt stories with humor and with practical cutting-edge tips and strategies to help you shine on your job and in your life.


Moderator and Host

Hire Jani to host an event or moderate a panel. She will bring her unique, smart, quirky flare to any type of gathering. She asks the questions that you want to ask but are too scared too. Her thought-provoking questions gets experts and audience members to be more real and to share deeply personal answers. Be entertained and inspired.


On-air Contributor

Jani has trained the top industry leaders in business, radio, and TV; she transforms up-and-coming media personalities into highly desirable star talent who can perform at the olympic level. She is honest, raw, and real. She will give priceless feedback sprinkled with wit, playfulness, and a dash of sweet, southern charm.


Topics for Coaching, Workshops & On-air Contribution

Upgrade Your Brand & Message

Stand-out and Shine on TV & Radio

Deepen Your Connection to Your Audience

Increase Your Connectivity Through Social Media

Deliver an Awe-Inspiring Message

Rock Your Interview

Increase Sales with Storytelling

Create & Deliver a Transformational Workshop

Communicate with Care & Grow Your Business

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Evolve Your Team & Grow

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