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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching Sessions

Single Sessions

Live video or face-to-face

Have an important event, speech or interview to prepare for? Need to make an epic impact? Jani will get you feeling confident and prepared. You will powerfully communicate and inspire people to action.
You will learn to do:

  • Speak with awe. inspiring confidence, vulnerability, and authenticity.
  • Widen and deepen your emotional range and transition from one emotion to the next concisely and quickly.
  • Ask questions that go deeply personal and inspire.
  • Raise the stakes.
  • Go from big picture to small picture and express external and internal ideas.
  • Use the power of the pause to build suspense and draw people to you.
  • Craft and deliver your creation story and other influential stories that deeply impact your brand and message.


Upgrade Your Brand and Message

Live video package

Does your brand need an up-grade? Ready to take your brand to the next level of evolution? You will develop your brand and message with such passion and power the only result is for people to love you.
You will learn to do:

  • Learn a 3 minute transformational awe-inspiring sales pitch.
  • Identify your 10 commandments to promote your brand.
  • Fine tune your main message to one to two sentences with a clearly defined intention.
  • Clearly define what you want people to be called to do and state the universal why.
  • Use the hero-journey story to increase connection and sales.



Shine on TV and Radio

Live Video Package
Want to shine? You learn how to be your lovable expert self and stand out on TV and radio. You attract loyal, loving followers and solidify your presence in the media.

You will learn to do:

  • Take risks, let go, and show your true lovable superstar self by expressing deep honesty, emotion, and confidence.
  • Learn a variety of formulas on how to craft and deliver your message during interviews, radio, and TV segments.
  • Lead with a powerful actionable opinion and inspire people to a call to action.
  • Tighten and extend your message to the length of any segment.
  • Change and transforms someone’s life in 3 minutes by using a specific formula.



Deepen the Connection with your Audience

Live Video Package

Your purpose is to share your message. Want the world to feel you, be inspired you, but feel walls in the way of you truly connecting? Learn to take those walls down and form a lasting relationship with fans, audiences, and people everywhere.

You will learn to do:

  • Gain awareness around your communication barriers and develop your communication identities to maximize your gifts.
  • Receive, listen, and hold space for deep sharing and give expert advice that changes someone’s life.
  • Process information more effectively and more lovingly by assessing, connecting, eliminating, assimilating, witnessing, and reflecting.
  • Develop 5 new ways of listening more deeply through regular talk, subtext, body language, intuition, and unconscious talk.
  • Learn sound-bite formulas and how to tell an inspirational story to gain trust, loyalty, and partnership in life and in business.



Connect Through Social Media

Live video package

Want the world to see and hear you? Increase your connectivity. Exponentially grow your business by developing and selling products and increasing your connectivity through the use of social media.

You will learn to do:

  • Actively use all social media outlets effectively like twitter, u-tube, google plus, Linked- in, Learn -it -live, Facebook, Spree-cast, and blogs, etc.
  • Develop quality products that are free and for sale including worksheets, pod-casts, videos, and workshops.
  • Pitch your services to companies, organizations, and agents by creating a one-min intro video, one-sheet, and a reel.
  • Create over 10 different cutting edge visionary blog formulas so that all of your personality and essence can been seen, received, and loved in all social media out-lets.
  • Receive website consultation on how to make your site more markable by creating greater intimacy and service.



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