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“Jani was able to sensitively find my weakness in presentational on-camera and in-room leadership. She immediately helped me to breakthrough walls I couldn’t see which empowered me and my program instantly. I use all of the tools she has given me to increase my effectiveness within the culture of my company and with new clients. Her keen media coaching has expanded my base, and made my a better person and on-camera personality. I am very grateful for her approach; she is stealth, sweet, humble and insightful. I 100% recommend her services.

Jill Miller, Creator at Yoga Tune Up®

“Jani is an amazing spirit with the ability to help individuals be their absolute best. Jani’s observations during coaching sessions are astute, her suggestions are spot on, and her coaching is exceptional. She will push you to go beyond your comfort zone and reach to new heights. She’s brutally honest, kind-hearted, and I’m a big fan!

Harlan Cohen, “Naked” Author, Speaker, Columnist, Entrepeneur

Jani has changed my life. Not only am I delivering my message with more clarity, depth and connection to my audience, I now know myself better. I often tell her that I look forward to our sessions as I would a stellar therapy session: I can expect hard work, great results, endless support and an epiphany or three.

Emma Johnson, Expert on women and money. Business journalist, syndicated radio host, blogger, speaker.

“Jani’s lessons, formulas and techniques not only have helped me in working with the media, but also have positively impacted my private practice and personal life. I see quicker and more meaningful changes in the clients I work with and I feel more connected to people in my personal life. On paper I have an exciting career full of opportunity, but I was feeling stuck and uninspired with my work. My meetings with Jani awakened me to a new, more exciting, more meaningful way to interact with an audience, clients and even friends & family.”

-Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author, nutritionist for the Chicago Clubs, TV and media personality

“She makes you risk. She makes you feel. And she never lets you get away with using your defense mechanisms to deliver the same old thing. Personally, I’ve been fortunate to have some of the best teachers on the planet and Jani is among them.

-Coco Soodek of Profits and Law, lawyer, radio host, and media personality

“She has unparalleled skills in identifying how, as a presenter, you can take material and make deeper connections with the audience…I give Jani my full endorsement.”

-Carol Roth, CNBC contributor, national radio host, TV contributor, and author

“Jani combines her educational knowledge with her personal compassion to bring the best out of her clients. She customizes her sessions for the individual rather than using a cookie cutter style of training. She connects completely and totally.”

- May Lee of the May Lee Way, CNN correspondent, radio host, and media personality

“She trained me to be a radio host and taught me invaluable lessons. I was so passionate and high energy that Jani taught me how to take a step back, slow down, and speak from a real, more grounded place. She guided me with her transformative step by step techniques. I now have the knowledge and balance to be a great radio host thanks to Jani Moon!”

- Siggy Ficker of VH1′s Why Am I Still Single, relationship coach, TV and media personality

“I wish I could bottle up Jani Moon and carry her around in my pocket! As a 20-year veteran psychotherapist, lecturer and media personality, I have worked with thousands of people. But I have yet to meet a more attune, insightful and authentically caring individual then Jani. This one-of-a-kind media coach knows exactly how to make you better at connecting with others. She has transformed my media career and has made me a better person in the process. I thank you, Jani, for teaching me things about myself I never knew…And for helping me become even more successful than I believed I could be.”

- Dr. Cynthia Pizzulli, psychotherapist, radio host, and media personality

“Her instincts are fabulous. In media you must connect to your audience. Jani pinpoints your strengths and uses them to guide you to developing ways to connect to the audience. She taught me how to connect to audiences and how to deliver my message with power. Now when I speak, people are captivated. They often ask where I learned to speak so well. The answer is Jani Moon. I have worked with other media coaches. She takes a sincere interest in your development. Jani is the best.

-Marc Gillinov, leading heart surgeon, author, radio host and media personality

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